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Linda Royer has a passion for equine facility design.

Linda Royer has a lifetime of living with horses

& decades of professional design experience. 

Trust your ranch design to a professional.

Trust your home and theirs to a licensed design professional, horse owner and equestrian.

Farm + Ranch Equine Design 


Barn Design

We specialize in barn design.

Warm, inviting spaces

for horses and people shaped by

light and structural form.

Site Planning

Farm + Ranch has extensive experience in equine facility site design.

Placing human and equine uses

in a design respectful to the natural qualities of the land​.


We will make sure your arena has the form, functionality, and comfort you seek.

Form, functionality and comfort are key design considerations whether building a small or large arenas

Landscape Architecture

Farm + Ranch creates landscapes that are memorable.

Introducing natural and built elements into the landscape to create memorable environments for enjoyment.


We will help you turn dreams into reality.

Appealing from every angle, your home will capture your lifestyle and turn dreams into reality. 

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