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We can turn your vision into reality. We manage the project from start to finish, so you can have the peace of mind knowing a professional is watching out for your best interest. Quality, service, attention to details, and proven credentials  -  

all point you to barn + ranch equine design.

“I’ve worked with Linda for almost two decades on equine and landscape projects. Our clients are always pleased

with the results. Linda has shown a thorough knowledge of the needs of horses with creative, thoughtful solutions

that meet the clients budget and vision.” 

                                                                                                          Tom Buckingham, Builder of Wild Turkey Farm


Equine Facilities

We understand the needs of horses, creating a built and natural environment to enhance living with them.

Site Planning

We consider all natural qualities of the land when placing your desired use in a gentle, aesthetic, and sustainable design.


Landscape Design

We utilize natural and built materials to create enduring, inviting spaces in balance with nature.

Project Management

We bring together an experienced team to address the unique requirements of your project and to accomplish your vision.

Residential Design

By listening, observing, and creating a vision we create inviting spaces for you to enjoy living in.


GREEN Design

In a field that is continually changing we explore the application of materials and techniques that are responsible and innovative.



Property owners are both excited and anxious when starting a renovation project. Our expertise in design and project management will ensure that the project runs smoothly and professionally.

We Take Care of All the Details!

  • Site planning, analysis and research

  • Facilities programming

  • Planning Applications

  • Project management and team building

  • Marketing Graphics

  • Design of stables, arenas, residences and  accessory buildings

  • Residential and commerical landscape design

  • Grading, drainage and signage design

  • Interior finish materials

  • Green Design and Environmental Assessments

  • Contractor qualification and bidding

  • Permitting

  • Analysis of existing structures for reuse

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