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Corvallis Project

Farm+Barn was contacted to do an analysis of a 40 acre site prior to purchase, the site had an existing house but no equine facilities. The client selected the site from the web across the country because it had access to trails. I viewed the site and discussed with the client the opportunities and constraints for development as an equine facility. The primary constraint for development of a personal barn and arena was the existing grades. I did a preliminary topo evaluation and told them what to expect and how it could be done. I developed site plans, locating the four stall barn and arena, pastures and shelters. The primary considerations were access and visibility from the residence, access from the existing drive, and fitting the structures into the existing landscape. The cost of site development, grading, and drainage necessitated a modest four stall barn with all accessory uses, attached to an arena, The client is delighted with the results and her comment was: “The boys are so happy”. 


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