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Etchebarne Wedding Barn and Garden, Wilsonville, OR

Renovation of an existing barn to be utilized as a wedding facility in addition to remaining a functional barn. Plans included development of code compliant rest rooms, renovation of barn interiors, and addition of porch and external materials for architectural appearance. Design also included layout of a wedding garden landscape

Nancy Johnson


Details to come!

Atack Two Stall Barn, Hay barn, Site development, Terrebonne, OR

The new two stall barn was placed in close viewing distance from the residence to allow the clients to feel close to their horses. The two stall barn is designed with a tack room and grooming /storage area. The stalls have a covered run area that is open to the all weather paddock which opens to one of three pastures, allowing the horses to choose their location. Colors were selected to blend with the beautiful landscape backdrop. Extensive use of polycarbonate panels brings natural light into the barn. A separate 24’ x 24’ hay barn with large garage doors permits storage on significant quantities of hay and bedding. The site is developed with a round pen, O2Compost Facility, and new pasture fencing.

Adnara Equestrian Center, Wilsonville, OR

The clients purchased an existing boarding/training facility on 50+ acres with existing structures. They asked farm+ranch Equine Design to assist in development of a Master Plan and list of project improvements to prioritize expenditures. Drawings were developed to assist in getting bids on various projects.


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