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Small Barns

Helm Barn – Four stalls and living quarters, Deschutes County, Oregon

The client purchased a lovely 80 acre parcel with an existing residence but no outbuildings. He requested a four stall barn, storage, and a living quarters for ranch help. The barn is also designed to accommodate parking a motor home in the aisle with a drive through ability. The barn includes an office, wash/groom stall, tack room, feed room, and five storage bays for hay, shavings, tractor and farm equipment. All stalls have 12’ x 24’ runs, partially covered. The one bedroom apartment has generous natural light, and is located away from the stall area for noise control. Completed 2023.


Atack Two Stall Barn, Hay Barn, Site development, Terrebonne, OR


The new two stall barn was placed in close viewing distance from the residence to allow the clients to feel close to their horses. The two stall barn is designed with a tack room and grooming /storage area. The stalls have a covered run area that is open to the all weather paddock which opens to one of three pastures, allowing the horses to choose their location. Colors were selected to blend with the beautiful landscape backdrop. Extensive use of polycarbonate panels brings natural light into the barn. A separate 24’ x 24’ hay barn with large garage doors permits storage on significant quantities of hay and bedding. The site is developed with a round pen, O2Compost Facility, and new pasture fencing.

Lively Three Stall Barn, Wilsonville, OR


On this four acre site the client requested a three stall barn with storage and support facilities. The barn is designed to be light, airy, and easy to work in with runs off each stall that open up to an all-weather paddock.

White Oak Farm Four Stall Barn, Arena and Site, Sherwood, OR (Woodward)


Design of a four stall barn, 72’ x 160’ WeCover arena, four bay storage barn, and site amenities on a five acre site. This project was quite unique in that we had to deconstruct a large, old covered arena and barn to begin with. Most of the building materials were recycled for use elsewhere. The site was completely redesigned with a new residence placed at the center of the site with the new arena, barn, O2Compost structure and storage building to the rear of the property. Linda Royer designed the site layout, new structures, grading, drainage, utilities, site lighting, landscape, and site features. Buildings were designed to follow the style, materials and colors set by the new residence.


Details to come!

Flying Corgi Farm Four Stall Barn and Site, Silverton, OR ( Differding)

The optimum location for this new four stall barn was a considerable distance from the existing residence and other structures. Extension of utilities was going to be quite expensive so we designed the barn to be ‘off grid’ utilizing solar panels, battery storage, rainwater collection, filtration and storage.

Clarke Barn


Details to come!

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